All In All


german title "Alles in Allem"

essayistic documentary film

Germany 2016   11 min.   16:9   colour   stereo


developed as Visiting Artist Resarcher in the field of "Theoretical Meteorology" at University Of Hamburg

with the support of Integrated Clime Systems And Analysis Predictation (Clisap) and

 University Of Fine Arts Hamburg (HfbK Hamburg)

 The slope wind tears holes in the floating fog. 

Pulsing under the surface.

A body made of wrinkles, hollow, abscess.

Crestlines, boulder, crater.

Stone or skin?


Views are turned under lenses, stepped by measuring instruments, fragmented into grids.

Until animate and inanimate merge. And one recovers All In All. 



Doris de Feyter


Writer, Director, Producer

Laura Reichwald


Director of Photography

Markus Kloth



Carolin Haberland


Digital Colorist

Knipp Kühl


Re-Recording Mixer and Sounddesign

Jana Irmert