Yea, Though We Walk Through The Valley Of The Shadow Of Death


german title "Und ob schon wir wanderten im finsteren Tal"

short fiction film

Germany 2013   10 min.   16:9   colour   stereo


funded by University Of Fine Arts Hamburg (HfbK Hamburg)

 A couple is having a car breakdown in an unfamiliar place.

The following days they spend motionless in their car.

At first the residents are worried but as time passes they are getting more and more agressive and distrustful.

Why aren't the strangers talking?


Based on true occurences. 



Martina Krauel

Jochen Tovote



Laura Reichwald



Georg Kußmann



Maik Schuntermann


Director of Photography

Markus Kloth



Carola Sultan Bauermeister


Re-Recording Mixer and Sounddesigner

Michel Wähling


Score Composer

Felix Raffel